Harihar Fort

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The historic Harihar Fort, explored only after trekking for 2-3 hours, looks magnificent soon after the monsoon is over. The fort is a spot for groups, families, and friends looking for an ideal getaway from the usual 9-5 routine. It is connected to nearby cities, including Nashik. Just as 40 km of the car ride, you will be entering a world of historic temples, forts, and waterfalls that are here to give you the reasons to enjoy holiday time.

We have chosen to serve our customers unique facilities to check-in, dine-in, and explore various amenities in the same area. A stretched-over place to let your trekking time become a fun time, and you can relax with your trek partners.

The fort enables you to witness beautiful surroundings; the peak is a sport to watch different attractions. You can easily spot them and even play guess games to know which place is the correct one.

The List of places you will explore after summiting the Harihar Peak

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Lord Hanuman Idol:

Lord Hanuman Idol is deep saffron, seen from a distance.

Shiva Idol:

Lord Shiva Idol is a rich saffron hue that can be noticed from a long distance

Nandi idols:

A beautiful Nandi idol is placed before Shiva and Hanuman. It is believed if you whisper your wisher or gratify your dreams by murmuring it in Nandi’s ear, it reaches to the lord himself. Soon, prayer, dreams, or wishes are granted. It is an age-old tale, and people still practice the same while visiting the Shiva Temple. Here, you can perform the same and request almighty to offer whatever you desire in your life.

A small pond-

The pond water can be drunk only during the monsoon, though it is not recommended. It is a beautiful pond that you can watch and enjoy for long hours. Your ideal spot to take pictures and make memories as you proceed your way. It is the fascinating part of the Harihar Fort.

Iconic Steps to the Top of the Fort-

The 80-degree inclined steps are here to surprise you once you climb them, and look at them as soon as you reach the stop. You will feel proud about the act you just did, it is a risky route, and one has to keep their mind calm and well in control to complete it safely.Harihar5

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