Harihar Fort

Harihar Fort Trekking​


Harihar Fort is located near Nashik, Maharashtra, India. It is 40 kilometers from the city and is an essential part of the history of the place. The trade route of the town was built here and is now a famous tourist attraction with stone steps. It is a hill fort and has an adventurous trek known as Harihar Trek.
Good accommodation and excellent access to basic facilities, this place has attracted people around the globe who have a strong passion for trekking. The nearest civilization is Harshewadi village and Nirgudpada village to access this place.

To reach any town, one needs to reach Nashik and travel almost 48 kilometers to reach the fort while covering the two villages in the midway. The trek to the fort can be completed in a day as the altitude is, 3676ft (1.12 kilometres) from sea level.

Harihar Fort-route and architecture

Nashik offers you the ideal trek, which has a moderate difficulty level. A fort that lets you sneak in the history and civilization of our ancestors, plus a pathway where you can trek and reach the ultimate fort.

The forts have beautiful architecture, and rectangular stone cutting is placed over the other. At a glance, it looks like a prism of triangle shape. Developed in the Yadava dynasty, it is a vertical fort.

While trekking, keep in mind the 80-degree inclination of the peak of the trek. It is adventurous, and one needs to be cautious enough. The hard work may seem fulfilling once you reach the top.

A splendid view will be a witness, including the peak of Anjaneri Fort, Bhaskargad, Brahmagiri, and Utward fort.Harihar5

Amazing facts about Harihar Trek

  • A never-felt before experience and a lifelong memory, you will never be able to forget this amazing trek which has a perfect adventurous side.
    The altitude is high enough, and you must mind your steps; it is titled at 80 degrees, which can easily force you to trip down. It is advisable to move upward patiently and without fear.
  • The feeling of conquering the hill is breathtaking, and you unlock the refreshing view to witness lush green lands, nearby forts, and the peak of the various hill.
    The ideal time to visit this place is soon after the rainy season. The view is splendid, and trekking smoothly as the environment is fresh.

Harihar fort 1

Base 1 – Nirgudpade Village

Get prepared for a trek of approx. 2.4 km, which can be covered easily in 1 hour 30 minutes, even if you take breaks through the journey.

You will enter the village circumference, which is 300 meters from the Kotamawadi village, where you can initiate the trek. Initiate your journey from the Trimbak region, you can witness the lush green fields, and there is one track, so there is no confusion about the path.

Just move ahead, and soon you will be seeing the hill that is your ultimate summit for this journey. The journey will be tiring enough, and soon you will witness a small stream.

Take a break there and get your breath back; relax! Start again on a stretch of 45 minutes, and you will reach the common point where people who initiated the journey from Base 2 will join you (if anyone is trekking at the same time).

Base 2- Harshewadi

If you have not been to Trimbak, you can first visit the iconic Lord Shiva temple Trimbakeshwar and initiate your journey to Harihar fort. As you will be initiating your journey from Nashik, please lead your way to Trimbak and, after seeking the blessing of Lord Shiva, move towards Harshewadi villages.

Your trekking journey will be 2 hours and 30 minutes from there until you reach the common route to the Harihar fort.

Common Route whether you mark your journey from Base 1 or Base 2

The most exciting part of the trek starts here. It is the place where you will be walking on the iconic steps and don’t look back. It might scare you as the height is considerable. Moving ahead is the mantra to reach the peak.

The journey will be 1 hour and 30 minutes to conquer the 1 km stretch of the plateau to the hill’s peak. Find the notches for ensuring your safety, and please avoid your trek adventure during the rainy season. It is very slippery and risky.

Maharaja is the spot where you find the steps that will lead you to the open valley. Keep a GPS map on hand (a printed copy to keep yourself on the right track). The traverse will end towards the last 100 steps, which will be the fort’s entrance. Complete the same and move inside the fort.