Harihar Fort

Place To Stay

How to make your trip to Harihar Fort comfortable? 


  • Harihar is the great fort, which holds the history of Nashik, Maharashtra, can be reached using the two routes. But, before initiating the routes, one needs to get the base point to start the journey.
  • The two base points can be reached using public transport, through four-wheeler or two-wheeler by road. After initiating the trip, you can witness the beautiful property relaxing, rejuvenating, and enjoying your trek time.
  • The journey can be tiring, and you might feel the requirement to sit and collect yourself. The facilities are open to the public on a first-come-first basis.  
  • A well-established place that is created to offer comfortable five-star amenities and make your staycation memorable. We are the “name of the property,” placed on your way from Nashik to Harihar Trek, and we are the sole establishment offering amenities, luxuries, world-class services, and much more for your convenience. We are dedicated to making your trip to Harihar Fort a memorable experience.
  • Easy to locate property with evident banners along your way to the Harihar Trek. The most amazing atonement that you can readily access is present across the 40-acre property, which will be your stop while trekking to Harihar Fort. 

Facilities To Make Journey Comfortable

Complete air-conditioned hall to make your layover time the best time to recollect your energy and march your way to the Harihar Trek.

You can spend an ample number of hours without paying any extra charges for grabbing space for yourself or your fellow trekkers. This unique facility is an initiative by us, as we understand the complexity of traveling for hours in a row.

We care about enthusiasts who adore adventure—welcoming people worldwide to land here and explore our cultural heritage. The various available facilities are paid, excluding the unpaid ones described above.

In case you want to enjoy your meal, drink, or grab some snacks for the remaining journey, charges are transparently shared and are to be paid by the service receiver.

Luxurious Stay During Your Trek Time 

A fascinating experience to help you dote on the weekend with your friends and family.

Rejoice in exploring the world created by us, and we are presenting the most luxurious place in a radius of 40km.

Rooms to find your cozy accommodation, menu to dine in, and order world-class cuisines and bene-factions to fulfil your soul. Incredibly smart set-up to ease your holiday time with us.

We let you access round-the-class WIFI and enjoy your stay time with us. 

Amenities To Relax and Rejuvenate Yourself

  • While exploring nature and historical places, everyone feels exhausted as it is not a routine and one needs to sit for a while and drink some water.
  • The ideal way is to sit in peace and have a good time under the shade. The trips and trekking time are very particular, and you surely don’t have to waste it by carrying food and drinks.
  • We have got your back, and we are here to give you everything under a roof.
  • A place to sit, relax, eat and get back your energy levels.
  • We offer you an opportunity to dine in with your family and experience the world-class amenities of nature. We are the one property that will be operating with full force.
  • A place to eat fresh and healthy meals by chatting with your group of trekkers.
  • An opportunity to enjoy and spend quality time with services at your fingertips.
  • We have friendly, well-mannered staff working hard to give you a memorable stay time.
  • We are working round-the-clock to make your holiday time the best time of your life.
  • A couple of prominent offerings by us include rooms, restaurant, hall, lawn, tents, swimming pool, and free parking space for your two-wheelers and four-wheelers.
  • Emergency kits are also available at the desk that you can access with the due permission of the attendee. The property is well-established and working fully to help you make the most out of the available opportunity.

Access Wi-Fi and FREE Space to Sit & Relax 

We understand the basic necessity of Wi-Fi and are dedicated to offering the same for free to our visitors.

We have complete facilities to help you stay connected and maintain your network without any disturbance.

We are here to offer you round-the-clock networking by giving you free Wi-Fi access within the fencing of our property.

It is compatible with smartphones, smart gadgets, laptops, and any device that needs connectivity.

Discover a smart-tech place with necessities and world-class facilities. 

Experience Marvelous Camps

A luxurious place where you can enjoy the most amazing fee of camping in the middle of the forest.

The dense forestation and wild animals won’t hamper your camping experience, as we have created gates and security measures to help you maintain a safe distance from the wildlife.

A perfect feel to watch the sky full of shining stars and the fresh air, which has negligible to zero pollution.

Witness the glimpse of what it feels like joining us for this adventurous experience by checking the high-definition pictures in our gallery. 

Night-sky Watching with Telescope

A unique experience that you can rejoice and share with your family.

To grab the ultimate night sky with all the dazzling stars, we have established a separate zone to look at them using a high-tech telescope. The services that let you experience the universe in the best way.

An ultimate sky safari experience to help you enjoy yourself in the best way. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy your time with your friends.  

We’ve set up a separate section to look up at the sky in order to capture the ultimate night sky with all the sparkling stars.

The services that permit you to have the finest possible experience of the cosmos. A perfect sky safari adventure to let you have the greatest time possible.