Harihar Fort

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Places to visit near Harihar Fort in Nashik

The moment you reach the top and look around, you will be witnessing the pleasant view of nearby attractions. You will quickly see the forts, waterfalls, hills, and temples from the height.

The Harihar fort can only be reached from the trekking route, and after that, the top has a smooth surface where idols are placed. You can sit and chat, collect yourself and get the energy to return. But before that, you can see the following nearby attracts from the top:

Bhaskargad or Basgad

The place that is visible from the Harihar Hilltop includes bhaskargad. The historical fort built in the Yadava period is also located on a hilltop, like Harihar Fort. While you summit the hill, you can witness the dense rocky walls, which reflect the place’s historical evolution.Bhaskargad

It has rocks and naturally cut hillsides that look like black sands. If you feel like visiting this place after completing your journey to Harihar Fort, it is a beautiful place having stone crafted entrance gate with rock-cut steps. One of the major attractions of the fort is the veer Maruti idol in saffron color.

The vegetation is not dense here, and the route is not slippery. But traveling here during the monsoon is not recommended.

Anjaneri fort

After reaching the top, you can even look at the Anjaneri Fort, which is located at a distance but is visible as a tiny image from Harihar fort. You can extend your trip and explore nearby attractions, including the impressive Anjaneri Fort. It is a temple built to worship Lord Hanuman, and it is located 20 km from the central city and 6 km from Trimbakeshwar. Several temples and forts in Nashik let you get up and personal with mythology. One such location is Lord Hanuman’s birthplace.
Anjineri fort Nasik

Lord Hanuman is a highly committed Bhakta of Lord Rama and one of the most renowned Hindu Holy Books, Ramayana. Anjaneri is a well-known location that Trimbakeshwar tourists are fortunate to see on their route from Nashik to Trimbakeshwar. Because his mother’s name was Anjani, and he was born in Anjaneri, Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjani Putra.

Brahmagiri Hills

One glance at Brahmagiri Hill is the equivalent of saying your final farewell to all the sins you’ve committed throughout your life. That’s what the natives thought and what they still believe. Stare at the hills when visiting Trimbakeshwar temple, and all your terrible actions would vanish in no time. The fort is the most magnificent feature; there is no other way to approach the fortress than through the main gate. The government has built steps to let you access the fort, and it is surrounded by natural vegetation.

Bhamhagiri hill Nasik

The lush green lands and the mountain filled with greenery are the Brahmagiri hills. Brahmagiri Hills have Brahmagiri fort, which can be summited in a good one hour; the difficulty level is moderate, but not recommended to a person who has any physical disability or physical problem. Our property is the only place to find all the facilities under one roof.

Utwad fort

The fantastic hills of Utwad are often referred to as forts, and these can be climbed after devoting a good four hours. As soon as you reach Harihar fort, the lush green hills visible from quite a distance are the Utwad Hills. You can explore the same and enjoy your time here.

Dugarwadi Waterfall

The mesmerizing waterfall looks amazing during monsoon season, the flow of water is stunning, and you can witness the same from quite a distance. It is just 2 km from Timbakeshwar Shiva Temple, and it could be the best site you will be caught in after a long while.Dugarwadi

Lake Vaitarna Waterfalls

It is considered a hidden treasure, an awe-inspiring and pleasing scene. It can be seen from the top of Harihar fort, and the scenic view is aesthetic. Furthermore, it is a splendid waterfall covered from the circumference, and one can enjoy family time here by soaking into the water and enjoying the sight. It is a place which should not be visited during monsoon as the water flow is very high.

Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the twelve Jyotirlingas. It is found in Trimbak, Maharashtra, India, descended from the Holy River Godavari. People are attracted by legendary stories about the Jyotirlingas’ origins. Lord Shiva punctured three pieces of the world’s eternal pillar and challenged them to discover them to settle a dispute between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu is worshiped everywhere due to the story’s deeper meaning, and Lord Brahma is not included in rituals or events.Trimbhakeshwar Temple

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